"Smoking Cessation Lifetime Service Guarantee."

Hello there, Thank You for visiting my little space here.

You Want Results? Yes, Of course, you do! I help you get the desired outcome that you want in the shortest possible time. The most efficient use of your valuable time and effort. Would that be of any use to you?

Excellent, You are in the right place at the right time. 

I aim to deliver to you what you want and give you the best results that you deserve.  More money in your pocket. Freedom to do the things you always wanted to do without that mental block, that for so long has held you back. Regain your health, and probably live a much longer life too. More time to spend with your family and friends and what's more, the ability to enjoy it too! 

So That You Can Live Your Life Your Way, Now! Doing the things, Now, You enjoy doing!

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Smoking Cessation Therapy
Reaching Your Target Weight
Virtual Gastric Band
The Power Sleep Protocol for getting better sleep

This is probably the cheapest money you will ever invest in yourself, your health, and your well-being because the people who know, prioritise their transformation and their health: the ones who say yes, invariably get the results they want!

Just below is a very short video of me welcoming you and for you to meet me before we get to work together.

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For Your Benefit - I am host the Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast - You can listen right here- Just Click

I also host and producer of : Thoughts of an Irish Therapist Podcast - giving you tips and strategies to help you navigate life in a more comfortable way. Just search where you listen to your podcasts - "Thoughts of an Irish Therapist" in your podcast directory.

My goal is to discover how best I can Serve You. And if I can't serve You, then there is no need for us to work together. How can we, together, discover, how best I can serve you? Yes, I use the word "we", because after all, it's a journey of joint discovery. Isn't it?

I will never make an outlandish promise! I will be straight up, transparent, honest, and open with You.

I become deeply interested in my clients, not in a weird way: in a way that enables me to discover what motivates them. Why do they get out of bed in the morning! To discover how best I can help them. To best serve them.

After all, the work I do best, in serving, You, is done by communicating with that part of Your mind (that creative unconscious part) that drives you!  Makes sense? Again, I want to serve you as best as I can.

I subscribe to a Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct.

So what, you may ask?

Well, that means, you are probably in the safest most experienced professional, ethical hands on this side of Ireland or indeed, further afield. Just check out 

Just don't take my word for it!

Consider this, the fact that you are here, reading this, clearly means that you are already taking action.

Just imagine what will happen when you flip your thinking in a new direction rather than immediately accepting negative expectations. Begin, now, to train yourself to adopt a flexible mindset. Because deep, deep down inside you is a resourceful creative part of you that just knows: there's got to be a better way! Isn't that so? It makes sense.

Hypnotherapy is a tool to eliminate internal resistance blocking you from playing to your full potential.

By internal resistance, I mean negative teachings and feedback. The imposter syndrome. The “I’m not good/smart enough.” The “head stuff” that’s been holding you back your entire life.




I believe that every person has the right to live a life that is relatively free from anxiety and undue stress, oftentimes we can get bound up in knots of stuff that limits our creativity and our lives, preventing us from living the life we have a right to live.


I believe that every person has a right to breathe clean smoke-free air that energises and revitalises and charges our lives to optimum health. Or the head stuff I refer to above!


Because I'm on a Mission!  I'm asking you to join me on that mission.


I invite you to join me on that mission and reap the benefits of living a normal healthy life, free from mental stuff that holds you back, whether it be anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, smoking cessation, fears, phobias, public speaking, sleep difficulties, etc.


I eagerly look forward to meeting with you and working with you, just as soon as you choose!


For Your IMMEDIATE BENEFIT, I have included RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, many FREE Resources for You to Watch, Listen, Download and use as You choose, Completely FREE.


Please keep reading below and Reap the Benefits now!


There Comes A Time In Life When "Enough Is Enough!"

You know a change has to be made and that things can’t keep going like this…  For some, it’s about wanting to start something; like creating a business, public speaking, or even being more outgoing.


For others, it may be about Quitting Something that has been a burden long enough like Smoking, Being Overweight, or suffering with Stress or Anxiety. For reaching Your Target Weight why not  Check out HypnoFasting or Virtual Gastric Band

Because, the last cohort of clients who did so, achieved their Target Weight, surprising themselves beyond measure!


Get Your message across, Speaking Confidently and Accurately, Communicating at Your Very, Very Best.


All Hypnotherapy Programmes, here, are Bespoke Designed with You in mind. Focussing on what You want to Achieve. 


The following may come across as being corny: I strive to be the best I can be for YOU, my client. Personal best is about getting better every day. To be the best for me in order to be the Best of Service to YOU.


What drives you to want to be the "Best" at something?


"If you find (do) something you love, and consistently strive to do your best, and be your best, ... all the goals about cars, vacations, houses, and the ever-popular money, will appear".  Jeffrey Gitomer


Online Private Coaching Hypnotherapy means that You, in the Comfort of Your Own Home, can avail of probably the Most Efficient and Economical Way of You Achieving what You want to Achieve, within an Easy Step-By-Step Process.


You can be anywhere in Ireland or abroad!


I help passionate people, probably just like You, to Quit Smoking and in the process save a ton of money so that they can live longer, healthier, more productive enjoyable lives well into the future.


I am on a mission to help the next 10,000 people Quit Smoking!

Are You one of the 10,000 persons seeking to do that right now?

Please join me on that Mission now, and allow me to Help You Right Now!


  • Just take a look at the Private Coaching Power Protocol for Smoking Cessation, below.


I offer You Lifetime Service Smoking Cessation Guarantee. Only 5% to 10% of all my smoker clients ever need to come back to me for additional Quit Smoking Therapy. 


This means if You ever smoke or have a craving to smoke, just call or book online, and I will see You again for free.


Finally, an all-natural way to breathe easier, smell better, and dramatically improve your health... with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


There are many Completely FREE Resources available to You right here, right now, for example a

Click HERE --->> FREE 10-minute Stress Buster MP3 downloadable audio file to listen to when it suits You.

A FREE Quit Smoking Report. And some more videos for You to watch.

I am the host of the European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. Just click below.

The Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast


Take   Back  Control  Of  Your  Life

So many models of change are based upon the idea of what's " wrong" with You and how we're going to fix that.


I do things differently here.


Instead, the focus is on what's "Great" and "Wonderful" about You and how are we together going to harness that and put that to use, to easily and naturally resolve that issue that You are so ready to let go of, now!

Would that be of any benefit to You?


Is that something You'd want to do?


Hypnotherapy is all about YOU and about the outcomes YOU want!


If You're ready to harness the power of Your thoughts, feelings and actions, you've come to the right place. Aidan Noone is a qualified Hypnotherapist/ HypnoPsychotherapist of 26 years.


Your Personalised and Customised Hypnotherapy experience begins with You.


Click here to arrange your FREE Hypnosis Information Telephone Call to discuss your goals and set a plan of action for Your success.


Are You ready to throw out those Cigarettes and Take Back Control of Your Life?


1.  The Private Coaching Power Protocol for Smoking Cessation  

I offer You a Life Time Service Smoking Cessation Guarantee. Only 5% to 10% of all my smoker clients ever need to come back to me for additional Quit Smoking Therapy.


This means if You ever smoke or have a craving to smoke, just call or book online, and I will see You again for free.


Click HERE to Watch a Brief Video &  Meet Me Talking About Smoking Cessation


  • The Private Coaching Power Protocol for Smoking Cessation saves You on average over €5,000 in one year if You are a smoker of Twenty cigarettes per day.
  • If You smoke more than Twenty cigarettes per day the savings are very substantial. You constantly gain in Health, Wealth, and a longer more enjoyable life, being a non-smoker.
  • Right here, right now You have access to a Process that is probably the Quickest and most Efficient use of Your Valuable Time and Money. Ethical Hypnotherapy is a Tested, Step-By-Step Method. The Quicker and Easier Way!


The Fastest and Most Efficient Way for You to Contact me now is for You to click on this link HERE and Book a FREE Information Call 


To watch and listen to  a Completely FREE Ten minute Stress Buster Video - Click Here


2. The Private Coaching Power Protocol for Smoking Cessation (Expert - Ethical Hypnotherapy)


Discover How You can get a FREE Smoking Cessation Report Below


This is,  Your Private Coaching Personal Customised Power Protocol for Smoking Cessation,  You have access to the

"Faster and Easier" method of quitting smoking.

Just for You, I address every single belief you may have about why You 'think' You cannot be a non-smoker.

  • In fact, I've probably heard of every excuse available that tries to convince You that You cannot be free of smoking, now!
  • I will turn every one of these beliefs on their head when we meet, and I will show You that they are "false, in the face of fact" beliefs. 100%. I do this to demonstrate to You, You can be FREE again with the ability to build and regain Your Health again, Right Now!
  • For example, You may have the following beliefs?
  • I can't quit!
  • I am addicted to nicotine.
  • It's doing something for me.


I will smash those latter beliefs You may have or indeed any other beliefs You may have, and smash them into smithereens.




I am the Host of The Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast - Click HERE to Listen


PLEASE CLICK HERE To Book Your FREE Information Call


I am ethically bound to be honest and open with You when You consult with me.


I only consult with clients who present with issues within my area of competence and only clients who are serious about making and wanting change and who are prepared to do the work of change.


After all, hypnosis is not magic, though the results can be magical!


 FREE Quit Smoking Report, now! Click HERE!


During the initial FREE Telephone Call, Question and Information Session:

You will learn:

  • How hypnosis works.
  • Why hypnosis works.
  • How to schedule a private time to discuss Your goals.
  • Pricing and scheduling options.

I look forward to speaking and working with You soon.


Just imagine, what's the story You want to be telling in two or three years' time, You having done this now? How is life different, then?


Believe it or not, part of my job is to put myself out of a job. Professionally speaking, I hope to never see You again!

  • Professional Clinical Hypnosis, in Professional hands, is Pain-Free and totally naturalistic.
  •  You immediately benefit from my experience of over 26 years working with clients in achieving many personal and very important life changes. Yes, You Too Can Achieve.

And the Whole Process Begins With You.


Just click HERE  to book your Information/Clarification Telephone Call and Discover How You Can Move Forward, Now!


"Hypnosis is a well studied and legitimate form of adjunct treatment for obesity......pain....anxiety.. stress."
Irving Kirsch, Harvard University Medical School


Ongoing, Online-Self Hypnosis Class for Public Speaking


The Speak With Power Protocol Online Self Hypnosis


Every First Tuesday Evening and Every Third Saturday Morning of every month. This is Your opportunity to tap into the limitless resources of Your unconscious mind using the faster and easier method of Self Hypnosis.


Discover the "Speak With Power" Protocol to help You begin to change habits that prevent You from giving of your best when speaking in public, to shift belief systems, and to increase Your confidence.


Remember, this is the Faster and Easier Step-By-Step method. Just €57.00


Register Your interest by emailing me at Please leave contact details.


  • "Millions of people are suffering mental anguish and are striving unsuccessfully to find help. Hypnotherapy is the answer for most of them because it is short term, safe, practical and effective."  "Miracles on Demand", Charles Tebbetts


Case Studies

Aidan helped me get rid of the fags after 20 years smoking.  I'm feeling much better now and saving a fortune.   Paul D.

I wanted to reach a target weight and Aidan helped me to use Hypnofasting to do that. I am able to stay at my weight and enjoy using the hypnofasting. Thanks Aidan. Yvonne T.

My daughter is now able to sit down and eat a normal meal and as a result our house is a lot less stressful. I highly recommend, Aidan. Elizabeth R.

Amazed I am, how easy it was to quit the cigarettes. I recommend Aidan and his hypnotherapy. Brian B.

Aidan assisted me to stop smoking and now I'm free. Well recommended. The best investment. Sonia H.



For your Health and Safety, I am both a Graduate of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Cork City, Ireland and the ICBCH in the USA. I subscribe to a code of Professional Ethics and Conduct. A member in good standing of the European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists ( Master Practitioner level of Neuro Linguistic Programming. EFT Practitioner. Certified PsychoSexual Disorder Specialist. I am supervised and possess Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Regular Continuous Professional Development, (CPD). A former Branch Director and Branch Treasurer of a Branch of Samaritans in Ireland. Community Radio Programme, Producer and Presenter and Podcast Host of the Professional Hypnotherapists Podcast ( a production of the European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, Bereavement support facilitator.

  • "Hypnosis can be used to amplify whatever it is about therapy that makes therapy therapeutic." Dr. Richard K. Nongard.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. I guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will help you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.


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