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Touch of Venus Jewellery has an eye for exquisite jewellery and one off pieces that simply captivate and inspire. Unique and detailed, ultimate designs that will bring doses of glamour to your wedding day, special day and everyday.

Create your look with the Ireland's Top Leading Supplier, the Finalist in the category: Jeweller of The Year 2021 and Finalist in both: Jewellery and Accessory Designer of the Year 2020 and in the category: Wedding Jewellery and Accessories 2020. We are a Partner of Crafters of Ireland and Lazuna Events Wedding Planner, and also Members of Wedding Suppliers, Southern Brides, 123Bride and The Wedding Wizard.

We have been featured in Irish American News, Donegal Woman, Donegal News, Irish Arts and Entertainment and in Wedding Blogs like Weddingsonline, Bridal Village Boutiques or 123Bride.

We are an Exclusive Jewellery Online Boutique, founded with one mission in mind: providing smart, fashionable and unique jewellery and accessories dedicated to everyone inspired by Venus - The Goddess of Love and Beauty. Whether you choose a classic look, bohemian or vintage inspired, our Jewellery will add a romantic touch and that special sparkle to every style.

Our vision is to help celebrate your special Day and everyday by complimenting the look with the most luxurious, unique and fashionable jewellery like fantasy collection of jewellery inspired by Game of Thrones and dreamy Back Necklaces, with exclusively styled headpieces - 90's, classic  vintage inspired and matching pieces. We want to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, capturing timeless elegance, interesting patterns and beautiful sparkling finishing. Our jewellery is made of the finest quality materials, which gives it not only a perfect look, but also makes it lasting and maintains an effective gloss over the years.

Explore a wide range of luxurious handcrafted pieces in different types and styles, which will be a perfect addition to finish off every look to perfection, capturing the harmony, fashion and love in every unique piece.

Create your memories with us you' ll cherish forever.

Get in touch with any questions and follow us on social channels. We will be delighted to assist and create your look.It's more than jewellery.. It's a timeless moment to cherish forever!



Donegal, Ireland

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