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Tiny tummies supports families on their breastfeeding journey

ABOUT Majella Mordaunt.

I am a nurse, a midwife and a lactation consultant. I am also a mum of three boys and understand first hand both the pleasure and the difficulties breastfeeding can bring. At Tiny Tummies my ambition is to combine my passion for breastfeeding and working with people and help mums and their babies get off to the best start possible.


Early Home Visit
I offer an early home visit (where possible) within a week of coming home with your new baby. This allows you to settle into a rhythm with your baby and troubleshoot early position/latch challenges from the comfort of your home. A follow up phone call is included and subsequent visits may be arranged.

What does a home visit include

Where possible I will ask you to fill out a profile before we meet, this will give me a brief outline of your history and pregnancy and birth experience. The focus of this consultation is to allow you explore your breastfeeding needs in a relaxed atmosphere at a pace that is suited to you.

Discuss your baby's birth and your postnatal experience.
Check your baby's oral anatomy and suck.
Assess a Breastfeed- Find out what happening?
Assess your breast for any issues.

Clinic Consultation 
As breast feeding progresses you may need a little help to overcome B/F challenges you encounter. Sometimes a little help goes a long way to getting everything flowing in the right direction.

What does a consultation include.
Before we meet I will send you a profile to capture a little about you, your baby and babies birth. This allows for maximum time at consultations to be focused on your breast feeding practices. When we meet I will carry out an assessment of a full breast feed, assess your babies wellbeing, examine your baby’s mouth and suck.

Assess a Breastfeed- Find out what happening?
Assess your breast for any issues.
Check your baby's oral anatomy and suck.
This will help determine the cause of any issues you are experiencing and we can work together to put a plan in place and give you the skills to overcome your challenges.

Antenatal and Breastfeeding Class 
These classes are aimed at preparing you and your family for the arrival of your little one into your life. I offer these in the comfort of your own home. One to one classes allow a pace that suits your needs.

What does the class cover?
What to expect in the first hours and days after birth
The class aims to cover healthy lifestyle in pregnancy,
How best to prepare to meet your baby.
Preparing for labour, birth and coping with contractions.
Breastfeeding class

Positive birth practices
Preparing to breastfeed
Positioning and latching your baby
How to know your baby is getting enough
Breastfeeding classes may also be arranged separately without antenatal classes if this is a subsequent pregnancy and you wish to breastfeed

Any of my services can be tailored to meet your needs. Breastfeeding class and early home visit can be combined at a special rate.
Classes can also be booked individually.


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