Why Hire us to do your Tree Work? ​

Here at Rooting for Trees, we have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate trees and to help you make an informed decision regarding what course of action is best in your situation. Tree preservation is our main goal. We provide information on correct tree care, the problems caused by harmful practices and the importance of getting arborists like us to prolong your trees life. With your help, Tree by Tree we will make a difference.



Diploma in Arboriculture Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Aerial Chainsaw Use in a Rope and Harness Pruning Operations Dismantling Operations Site Safety Awareness Tree Surveying, VTI and Grade two surveys offered. Felling Large Trees Felling Medium Trees Windblown Trees Mobile Elevated Work Platform Manual Handling Occupational First Aid Other services: Cabling and bracing of amenity trees, Storm damage, Dangerous Tree removal. All the recent storms we have been dealing with have made some trees a safety hazard. If you are a tree owner, you are responsible to get a competent Arboricultural consultant with indemnity insurance to survey your trees. Once this is done you can relax knowing you have fulfilled your duty.

You will be surprised how affordable we are for this service. Forget all the negative past experiences you have had. Trees do not always need work done, but if so we strive to keep their natural beauty.

Proof of Insurance provided upon request.


Service area Tippperary, Galway and Clare


Clare, County Clare, Ireland

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