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Premier Flooring Dublin is the place where the passion for quality floors meets the floor fitting experience and the flooring feedback from our customers !

WOOD FLOORS are so beautiful and they make your home complete, luxurious and stylish,
either they come as laminate wood floors, engineered wood floors or solid wood floors. Premier Flooring Dublin team help you choose your new wood flooring according to your needs and preferences, remove and dispose of your old flooring and have your amazing new wood floor installed, so you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of your home.

We understand that getting a new wood floor is an important step in transforming your home and
making it more beautiful, so we are next to our customers every step of the way, from choosing the best wood floor to fitting, cleaning and wood floor care. The wood floor installation will start as soon as you decide which wood floor you like, and we will have it fitted in the shortest time possible. Which wood flooring will work best for your home?

We love CARPETS !!! Carpets are the foundation in creating a comfortable, healthy, stilysh and
happy home. Carpet makes a great floor for bedrooms, living rooms, stairs or the entire home if you wish. Being comfortable and soft underfoot, carpet is second to none in making your house a cosy home. As it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns, you have unlimited choices to pair the carpet colour with furniture or walls colours,

Ready to get your new carpet? We are here to help, once you decided which carpet works best for your home, we will have it delivered and fitted, so you can enjoy your new comfy carpet,

Carpets are ideal for offices and hotels too, as they can define your company brand whilst being a
practical and comfortable flooring solution.

VINYL FLOORING is a great option for kitchens and bathrooms, and Luxury Vinyl Tiles are ideal for homes, offices, stores and many more. We recommend vinyl flooring its durability, water resistance, low maintenance and wide choice of colours and patterns. Our experienced vinyl fitter team will remove your old flooring, level and buff the subfloor, and instal the new vinyl flooring, so you can enjoy the beautiful and stylish floor,

First time when we came in contact with the flooring industry was when we started to work in a wood flooring factory in our small city. We were seeing the amazing journey of wood, which came straight from forests as wood logs, went to saw mills and became timber, goes to wood drying facilities , and the dried wood came back to the factory where the machines transform it in finished hard wood flooring, parquet, engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring. Truly amazing,

Both me and my brother, loved working with wood, such a reliable material, is everywhere aroundus, a healthy and natural construction material, so beautiful and durable,



Premier Flooring Dublin is always ready to help you ! If you are looking for a new floor, have flooring questions, need flooring advice, have suggestions, feedback or anything else contact us at or fill the form below

For urgent matters contact us at 089 431 0701

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