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Power Plus Solar are proud to be a business contributing towards a sustainable economy throughout Dublin and surroundings areas. Our core message is to conserve and enhance the long-term social and environmental future of the planet. One way we achieve this is by inspiring home owners, businesses and communities to install renewable energy systems.

What is Solar PV?
Solar electric systems are also commonly referred to as ‘solar photovoltaic’ or ‘solar PV’. Photovoltaic technology on a small scale is probably familiar to most people in Ireland. It is used to power calculators, road signs, toys and phone chargers. Taking light from the sun, it uses it to run the appliance. Solar panels for electricity work on the same principle, just at a larger scale.

Sunlight is all you need to get electricity from the panels. Although more electricity is produced on sunny days they work well on overcast days too. Solar PV systems are easy to install and can last upwards of 40 years.

The system may consist of:

  •  PV Panels
  •  Hybrid Inverter
  •  Battery Storage
  •  WiFi Monitoring
  •  Hot Water Diverter/Immersion Controller
  •  Electric Car Charger

The Benefits of Solar PV Panels

There are many advantages to switching to solar power, either for resedential or commercial use.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Installing a Power Plus SolarPV system reduces your impact on the environment by generating renewable, sustainable and clean energy from the sun. Unlike other sources of energy such as oil, gas and coal, we cannot run out of solar energy!

Cut Your Electricity Bill by up to 50%

Solar PV is a no brainer for most homes and businesses across Ireland and with a Power Plus Solar PV system we aim to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%. Giving you savings on your electricity bill for over 25 years.

Improve Your BER Rating

Installing a Power Plus Solar PV system on your home can significantly improve your BER rating as it shows you are generating your own renewable electricity. Having Solar PV panels and a good rating on your home not only is desirable to future buyers but increases the property value.


Power Plus Solar specialise in Solar PV installations for Irish homes.

Power Plus Solar
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