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Struggling with getting your Children to Listen to you?

Would a Free 20 Minute Discovery & 1-hour Free Online Training be worth your time to discover solutions???

Everyone knows being a parent isn’t easy, but no one told you it would be like this.

No one told you that you’d spend your days yelling and screaming at the children you love. No one told that you’d spend your nights tormented by guilt and regret over how angry and out-of-control you’ve become.

No one told you that despite trying your best day in and day out, you could still end up feeling so helpless, so sad, and so completely alone as a parent.

Grab a Free Hour training on the basic of how to change this around. Then come back to me and I will discuss your individual situation with you and set you up with a plan.

Step One:

Watch Training Here: Pop your details in to gain access (Perfectly secure site)


Step Two:

Drop me a Phone Call/ WhatsApp message and let me know you finished watching and We will set up a Zoom/Phone call.

Phone Number: 086-3761322

Not matter what issue you are having, a step-by-step approach with workable tools will get your there.

Looking forward to chatting with you.


About Positive Connections:

Parent Education Courses, Life Coaching, Enhancing Communications between Adults and Children

Positive Connections is a coaching business offering the following ways for you to take a look at a life situation you have and find tools and solutions to deal with it.

1) Parenting classes using an established Positive Discipline model,
2) One-to-One Parent Coaching
3) Parent Solution Sessions
4) One-to-One Life Coaching

About Us

My main mission is in helping parents find more confidence and calm in their parenting journey. My work focuses on increasing cooperation, improving communication (listening without yelling) and reducing power struggles, all in a positive, non-punitive way.

I am a father of two girls, Emily is 8 and Sarah is 5 years of age. I have been a stay at home dad since the middle of 2014 during which time I knew I wanted to learn new skills and get tools to help guide me to be the type of parent I wanted to be. When I discovered the Positive Discipline method of parenting I knew I had found my parenting style and decided to make it my parenting lifestyle.

I created Positive Connections Coaching by combining my experience in Life Coaching  with the skills I acquired and studied in the Positive Discipline courses I attended, to help other parents develop their parenting skills and to equip them in their parenting journey and to have a place to share resources, ideas and tips with parents, guardians and care givers that are striving to have connected, peaceful relationships with their children.

I use these very same parenting tools and practices at home. I know first-hand it’s impossible to always get it right and that’s just fine! I do love having my tool box to call on when I need it though.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

I am a member of the Positive Discipline Association 2018/2022.

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