Bespoke creations designed and made in Ireland.

I work closely with people to create meaningful, unique commissions. Pieces of jewellery that will last a lifetime and become cherished artefacts that relate to a special event or time.

A graduate of NCAD and the Kilkenny Goldsmith’s School and a qualified diamond grader with a wealth of industry experience my work is of the highest standard and designed and crafted to closely match what each of my clients is looking for.

Wedding bands, engagement rings, special requests, unique designs, earrings, pendants, all precious metals, diamonds, gems, pearls…whatever you are looking for. My commissions services can cover every budget, I provide free estimates and I develop designs and briefs with you so we end up with the perfect piece. If you are interested get in touch and I’d love to talk.

Wedding & Commission
I specialise in crafting completely bespoke jewellery pieces for my customers. Designed and made to your requirements and made to the highest quality from the best materials, diamonds and gemstones.

All of my bespoke pieces of jewellery, each engagement and wedding ring is designed and crafted specially for each client with an attention to detail and style unique to the intended wearer. I like to get to know each customer, their interests, ideas and styles. I use this to get a picture of the person I am making for so that I can create a very personal piece of jewellery for a very significant and special time in their life. I want each ring to represent the love and connection that is significant to each couple.

It is important to design a ring that is unique to each client, every relationship is different, the same way that every engagement is different so why not have a bespoke, individually designed ring that is one-and-only for that special person.

My process for each engagement or wedding ring is to first chat with the client and see what ideas they have in mind. With a set budget, I like to work with them through the design phase of each commission. Through hand drawn and Cad drawn designs I discuss in detail the different possibilities that can be done, including style, finish, diamonds, budget, etc.

With some designs I carve wax models of the design so the client can see the piece in real life and make any last changes if necessary. Once the design is finalised I then use a mixture of wax carving, hand fabrication or 3D modeling and printing depending on the complexity of the design. Each piece is hand finished by me and Irish hallmarked guaranteed.

- Miriam

I work with clients in many different ways, some are happy for me to lead the design process others have ideas and want to be involved in the design process. Both are perfect and lead to beautifully unique creations.

If you don’t fully know what you are looking for yet I’m happy to talk it through with you and guide you towards what can be done with your ideas and to your budget.

My process usually starts with conversing about the type of piece you are looking for, be it engagement ring, wedding bands or something else, then discuss what metals and stone you like and then I will prepare a rough estimate to see if it is a good place to start. Then we can talk design options.

Get in touch if you want to take the first step. Miriam

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