Marian provides solutions to Physical, Emotional and, Mental Health. Empowering people by teaching techniques to help heal themselves and making a difference in the world.

After 30 years Experience in helping people to reach their potential, relieving pain, reducing/improving body weight, lifting depression and guiding people towards a more purposeful direction and satisfied life.

Marian concentrates on facilitating and helping people to get in touch with what they are really feeling so that they can express what that feeling is. Pain is an indicator. It is not nice, but it is a signal that your body is giving you that something is not right, and you need to look at it. Painkillers may mask the pain but does not deal with what caused it. Find the cause and the pain can be relieved. Marian helps you find the Cause.


My Mission is to empower people to heal themselves. A sick person only has one wish and that is to get better. I facilitate and educate people on how to get well and more importantly to stay well. In my practice I use, Kinesiology, Heart Art Magic, Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology, Reflexology, NLP, Life Coaching, Emotion Code, Energy Balancing using frequencies, and a whole lot more.

Self-care is so important, for parents and business owners. Sometimes we take more care of our possessions than we do of ourselves. Prevention is easier and much cheaper than cure, yet it's only when we get sick that we seek out 'how to fix the problem'.

By law, we have to have our cars NCT'd - when we do the same for our body, we would have a much better health care system. Detoxing your body and supporting your body with Nutrition and Lifestyle changes can SERIOUSLY improve your health.

Being happy and content every day is the best gift that you can give yourself. Being well, staying well and enjoying life is incredible and motivating. Healthy people have numerous wishes, a sick person only has one wish, and that is to ENJOY GOOD HEALTH and wellness. I can teach you how to stay well.

If your body is not HEALTHY, where are you going to live?

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