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Are you looking for relief, recovery or rehabilitation?

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Is pain & injury holding you back?
Neuromuscular imbalance can account for most of the chronic myofascial conditions we see in our clinics. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) consists of a combination of assessment, neuromuscular techniques, massage techniques and neuromuscular rehabilitation. A gentle but highly effective therapy.

Need a break to recharge, recover or reprioritise yourself?
Mid week, weekend or afternoon packages are available to cater for your needs. We offer 4, 3, 2 or single service options. Whether its a relaxing treatment for two, a wellbeing retreat or intensive sessions to regain health and wellness and revitalise your sense of wellbeing, we have a treatment package for you. Relevant services can be combined for specific conditions like breathing pattern disorders, sciatica or back pain for example.

Don’t feel fit for the gym?  Need a push in private…you are not alone.
The clinical application of neuromuscular rehab and training interventions can be fun, challenging and extremely benificial. Often the missing link in muscle tightness issues and neuromuscular imbalances is balance. This is a felt sense of where our body is in space and during movement. Our tolerance to movement is extremely dependant on our communication with our bodies. If you want to reconnect, regain control or just learn to relax then our pilates (originally known as ‘Contrology’) based neuromuscular training programs can help.


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