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My work has been oriented within Women's Health since I began working as an Acupuncturist 24 years ago.
It is, and has been, the most inspiring and rewarding journey of my life. To be able to help people out of pain, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual, and towards achieving their dreams, whether it's to live without anxiety or pain, or to conceive and carry to term, it is something I feel passionate about and journeys I feel very privileged to be a part of.

I opened my first clinic in Sydney in 1997, having obtained a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science, Acupuncture from The Australian Colleges of Acupuncture (in affiliation with The Sydney University of Technology) I also trained in China and obtained an advanced certificate in Acupuncture and Moxibustion. I also do use Cupping in my treatments.

Although I'm experienced in treating many disorders, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, stress and exhaustion, my clinics have attracted a large clientele of women with gynaecological problems over the years; absent periods, excessive bleeding, excessive pain, missing ovulations, ovarian cysts and endometriosis to name a few. I have also worked extensively with couples trying to conceive and with all menopausal problems.

In addition I am experienced working with mental health issues; depression, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep disorders.

I have found that what gives the best results in my work is a combination of different healing modalities. As a rule my treatments consists of Acupuncture, Spiritual Healing and Herbal Medicine. I have been on a spiritual journey all my life, and very focused the last 20+ years, using different healing techniques including Shamanic healing, cupping, massage and moxibustion for the best outcomes in every individual case.

It is my joy and my passion to do whatever I can to help you achieve the quality of life you desire.


Please contact IRIS on 0877134029 or by email at irissollie@gmail.com for appointments and information.


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