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Specialising in carpentry solutions

Marc Guinan (MGCS) has been working in the construction trade for over 25 years.

Being both self-employed and working for the top contractors in Ireland, Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new company. With a main focus on internal carpentry, MGCS can offer solutions to most construction projects or new ideas.

  • Designer Geometeric Wall Panelling
  • Wardrobe Make-overs
  • Bespoke Window Seats
  • Drylining and Partitions
  • Bespoke Bed Storage
  • Bespoke Utility Storage


Bespoke Utility Storage
MGCS can design and organise even the most awkward utility room layouts. From strong bespoke shelving to removable, slide in storage solutions.

Geometric Panel Walls
With a masters and a degree in Fine Art, Marc Guinan can enhance any new design and offer an extra layer of expertise in this one off geometric wall panelling design service. “Its Art meets Carpentry”

Drylining And Partitions
Marc Guinan trained in the USA as a drywall installer and has brought this expertise to Ireland. MGCS can offer all types of Drylining services from new walls to bulkheads and feature walls.

Wardrobe Make-Overs
Wardrobe Make-Overs: Why buy a new wardrobe when we can repair and install new shelves and doors to bring your fitted wardrobes back to life.

Kitchen Shelving
Kitchen Shelving : All types of shelving designs available from lightweight to heavy duty shelving. Awkward spaces designed and utilised allowing full use of your kitchen space.

Bespoke Storage Solutions
Design, durabilty and low cost bespoke storage solutions. Quotes and design directly from whatsapp.


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