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Many people have an image of hearing aids that is decades out of date. They imagine something that is heavy, wired to a battery, and in need of constant adjustment for volume levels.
Modern hearing aids, from Ger Feeney Hearing Limited, are nothing like that. They are tiny, wireless, and self-adjusting. And they do a lot more than just pump up the volume.

A modern hearing aid can:

  • Stream calls directly from your phone;
  • Let you listen to your favourite music streamed directly from your apple or android device;
  • Bring you audio from your television set, fed directly into your hearing aid;
  • Let you change settings remotely and personalise your hearing aid to suit your individual preferences.

Ger Feeney Hearing Limited provides hearing services in no fewer than 14 clinics across Ireland. They offer only the most modern manufacturer-branded hearing aids from the biggest global manufacturers. Some sit behind the ear, others are completely invisible in the canal. The principal hearing aid audiologist is Gerard Feeney MISHAA, who is highly qualified and has more than 20 years of experience in the hearing aid industry.


  • Free comprehensive audiological hearing test and free consultation.
    They offer Pure Tone Audiometry tests. This test is plotted on an audiogram which shows your hearing sensitivity. It will determine if hearing sensitivity is within normal range, or outside of the range of normal if there is a hearing loss or hearing sensitivity. The test results are also used as a tool to reveal any asymmetry – hearing sensitivity that is not equal between the ears.
  • Tympanometry - This test measures how well your middle ear works. Your middle ear includes your eardrum, the middle ear bones, and your Eustachian tube. It will reveal abnormalities that will signify and can explain a conductive hearing loss and/or a sensation of pressure in the ear.
  • Real Ear Measurements. The term Real Ear Measurement (REM) is used by Audiologists to cover a range of different measurements of the real-ear acoustical characteristics of hearing aids. In clinical audiology, the purpose of Real Ear Measurements is to compare and verify the real-ear acoustical characteristics of a hearing aid with prescription targets. Simplify the (REM) is used to verify that the aid is giving the best possible amplification to fit the patients hearing loss.
  • Speech Testing. This group of tests assesses the impact hearing loss is having on your understanding of speech sounds. It helps to answer the question of whether or not hearing sensitivity is within normal range, or if there is a hearing loss or hearing sensitivity that is outside of the range of normal. The test results are also used as a tool to reveal exactly how your loss is affecting your understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy situations. This test is helpful in selecting the most suitable hearing aid because it allows the audiologist to define the sounds in speech with which you have the most difficulty.
  • Tinnitus Management - Unfortunately, tinnitus can’t be cured, but it can be treated. We undertake tinnitus assessments and treatment using the latest processes
  • Musicians Ear Plug & Ear Protection - When you are a musician, your hearing is precious and protection is far better than treatment. We offer the best in custom-fit hearing protection.
  • Micro-suction service to remove ear wax.
  • Free Aftercare - All our clients can be guaranteed free aftercare for the life of their hearing aid.

At Ger Feeney Hearing, all clients are guaranteed free aftercare for the life of their hearing aid. They will also repair all makes and models of hearing aids.


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