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Welcome to Emerald Tree Specialists
We offer professional tree care services in Kerry and surrounding counties.
We can provide tree assessments and carry out any work if required, and, if necessary tree removal.
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Tree Survey & Assessments
Emerald Tree Specialists provide a service whereby tree reports/surveys may be carried out to assess the condition of any tree.
Site Clearance
Emerald Tree Specialists can carry out all site clearance duties for any size area, large commercial development, home extension or improvement, or simply starting over on old land or gardens etc.
Tree Surgery
Emerald Tree Specialists are professionally certified and highly experienced in all aspects of tree care. Our staff is trained to the highest industry standards insuring a safe, high quality finish, bringing you results and peace of mind.
Crown Reduction
Crown reduction involves the removal of branches to achieve a height reduction in a tree, and reducing the overall tree ‘crown’. This work is sometimes undertaken to reduce the wind sail effect of exposed trees or trees which may have suffered root shear or damage. Construction can often be a contributing factor to this.
Crown Thinning
Crown Thinning is a pruning technique that involves removing a number of secondary branches in such a way that it produces a balanced crown structure, without altering the overall size or shape of the tree. This is a good way to preserve the natural shape of your tree(s), and reduce the chances of wind-throw by allowing the wind to pass through the crown with less resistance.
Crown Lifting
Crown Lifting is simply removing specific lower branches, this allows more space and better access at the base of the tree. This work is often taken to improve access, whether to ease vehicle access or branches obstructing a walk way or to allow for light requirements.
Deadwood Removal
A big deal in keeping a healthy tree. This is the removal of major (greater than 5cm diameter) deadwood, decaying and dying branches which can become just another starting point for decay entering the main stem. This does not include deadwood on branch tips or areas of green foliage.
Tree Removal
When the time comes for removal, be it as a result of a public health and safety issue or because of a dying/dead tree, the tree is either dismantled and/or felled in the safest manner possible. Tree dismantling should not and cannot be undertaken by anyone other than Emerald Tree Specialists.
Tree Stump Removal
When a tree is felled or falls, the stump needs to be removed in order to prevent suckering and fungal root rots among other issues. Tree stumps are often very large and heavy, but with the right equipment they can be safely and easily removed.
Emergency Tree Care
During a storm tree limbs can land on property, other structures or other trees. This can lead to dangerous situations. Emerald Tree Specialists will work to minimise all damage and regain safety ASAP.
Hedge Maintenance
Keeping on top of Hedge Maintenance is key. A tidy hedge makes a great sight on your property. Emerald Tree Specialists are fully equipped to maintain your hedges and shrubs.
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