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A floatation tank and Salt Therapy Centre in Dublin......

offering users complete inner peace and a way to unwind your body and mind from the daily stresses of life. Flotation therapy is proven decrease anxiety and depression, speed up muscle recovery, also very affective to aid with pain management.

Floatation therapy helps switch off all senses allowing you to naturally push your bodies reset button......

Salt therapy offers a affective aid to help with many skin disorders and respiratory ailments .

We offer group prices for company/corporate bookings..... happier, healthier less stressed staff are more efficient and happier in their work .

There are many studies suggesting many benefits of using these services but don’t take my word for it. Come give it a go for yourself .

Unwind your Mind with Floatation Therapy
Take a break from the noise and static. Reconnect your body and mind, let go of unwanted stress and drift away. Experience a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and repair.

Floating allows body and mind to rejuvenate, aiding with recovery, anxiety, sleep quality, stress reduction and pain.

Experience the Pods
The pods at Drift Float Therapy have been engineered based on 60 years of research and design. They are best in class in safety, hygiene and experience.

Experience the transformation
Allowing the body to float in a weightless environment increases the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the healthy function of brain and body, though the body is deeply relaxed the experience is not passive, floating actually accelerates the bodies own healing and rejuvenating process.


Drift Float & Salt Cave Therapy
Unit 1, Rear Old Church, Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Dublin South County, A94 D8N1
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PHONE: 0858751142

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