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Self Published Author and Food Blogger on Gluten Free, Vegan and Dairy Free Recipes

The perfect Gluten Free Recipe book with a collection of tried and tested sweet and savoury recipes for successful gluten free baking every time. These are recipes that work!
Useful information, helpful hints and tips, substitutions and much more. Most ingredients easily found in your supermarket.
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This set of 3 recipes are beautifully presented on wipe clean cards and are perfect for anyone who likes to bake and make while keeping an eye on healthy results.
This pack contain recipes for Strawberry Scones, Gingerbread Muffins and Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies - gluten free, healthy and vegan options included
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ABOUT Soraya Quigley

Baking and cooking have always been part of my life and it’s importance has dipped in and out depending on what’s been happening around me.

I’m half Lebanese and have lived in West Africa so food has been a huge part of my growing up. Smells and images really evoke all sorts of memories and emotions. Some good, some not so much but that’s part of life.

The baking bug bit when I started secondary school and I discovered a world of magic. That’s how I see baking, pure magic. You mix different ingredients together and voila, you get this beautiful result. Magic!

Gluten Free Baking has steadily become the main type of baking and cooking in our home. As older children left the house our needs changed and I focussed more on trying to create coeliac friendly bakes for my husband and my gluten intolerant son. Weekly bakes of scones, brown bread and muffins were tried and tested to get perfect results. I have to say a big thanks to our Defence Forces members who were very willing test tasters for lots of recipes. I have large gluten free category on my cozebakes website with easy to find ingredients and straightforward instructions to help get perfect results every time. As I have baked for over 30 years for a coeliac, I feel that gives me a great insight into what works and what doesn’t.

The Cozebakes site is not only about me repeating recipes; I’ve tried and tested each one in my kitchen, adapting as I go along using a standard oven while doing my best to provide you with tips and helpful hints to create great results every time. I’ll let you know any pitfalls, what to watch out for, leave out or add in and anything else that I can help with. I’ve created several of the recipes myself and I’m very proud of these.

Baking From The Heart

Soraya has produced an easy to follow, no nonsense recipe book, Baking from the Heart, for those who are Coeliac and Gluten Free or Intolerant. All the recipes have been made in a home kitchen with clear and simple instructions to get great results every time. The aim is to make gluten free baking accessible for everyone. A number of the recipes are also Dairy Free and Vegan adaptations are provided where possible.

Ingredients used are easy to buy in local supermarkets plus you will find helpful hints and tips, information on substitutions and good general advice on managing a gluten free kitchen. The aim is to remove the mystery from gluten free baking and make it a regular and successful activity.


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