***Covid Zoom Specials***

Essential Zoom Package €95

2 Zoom sessions (45min-1hr each)

Essential Combi Package: €120

Home Consultation (1hr) {restriction dependent}

& Zoom session (30min)


Professional & Experienced Dog Training & Behaviour.

One To One Training
Teaching your dog to be a good companion and mannerly in the house, as well as out in the wilder world, all starts with training. We at Clever Pets know that good training forms the basis of good communication between you and your dog and creates a greater bond. Training should be always enjoyable, even when your dog is learning important life lessons he should be fully engaged and actually want to train. Training should be fun for you too.

A dog that is well trained can have more freedom and actually can enjoy ‘being a dog’ more than a dog who doesn’t know how to settle in the house, come when called, greet other people & other dogs. A well trained dog is more confident & looks to their owner for guidance when unsure. When your dog is well trained you know which situations you can relax and let them have fun in and when your dog needs more help from you.

Whether your pooch is a young pup, an adolescent, an adult or even an older dog training is an essential component for teaching your dog how to successfully live in human society. As with people, dogs learn their whole lives through – contrary to the popular saying You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! So when you’re ready to train your dog we’re ready to help you.

At Clever Pets we use reward-based training methods that are scientifically proven to help you and your dog get consistent results that are ethical & effective, whatever your training needs or goals. We will teach you how to understand your dog motivations so that you know how to get the best from them in a variety of everyday situations. Safety & welfare always remains a top priority.

Whether you want to focus on one particular area of training or need a general training programme to help your dog in multiple areas we have a package to suit your needs

Building a better bond between you and your pet through understanding & communication.

Puppy Training
Start your puppy out right and ready for a wonderful life with your family. As well as basic obedience training we’ll help you through common issues such as puppy biting & toilet training. We also offer advice on a smooth introduction for puppy into your family.

Dog Training
Whether you’ve had your dog for years or have recently welcomed a dog into your family, we can help you cultivate the best possible relationship with them through increased understanding and communication.

Happy & Safe Families
We offer advice & support to families on how to prepare for and manage children & pets more safely & appropriately together.

Behaviour Consultations
Together we get to the cause of the problems you may be experiencing and through a combination of training, management & behavioural modification deal with the issues.

ONLINE Consultations

Due to the pandemic we offer consults over zoom, depending on and in line with current restrictions.  This option is not appropriate for all dogs and situations so please contact me to discuss.


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