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Clerkin Funeral Directors offer professional undertaking services in Monaghan Town, covering all aspects of preparation, burial and funeral services.

Clerkin Funeral Directors are undertakers in Monaghan Town, performing all manner of funeral arrangements and funeral preparation for the bereaved in Monaghan and surrounding areas.

Clerkin Funeral Directors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help when you need them the most. Clerkin Funeral Directors offer highly professional services to cater for all needs of the bereaved.  Clerkin Funeral Directors operate 24 hours a day, all year round, and as such you can count on them to be there when you need them the most. Clerkin Funeral Directors are always open, ready to assist you by arranging all aspects of the funeral so you don’t have to.

Clerkin Funeral Directors provide coffins and caskets in a range of styles. As well as burial options, Clerkin Funeral Directors also offer full cremation services as an alternative to traditional burial.
Clerkin Funeral Directors have a range of coffins and caskets to choose from. Clerkin Funeral Directors also offer a full range of professional cremation services. If you wish to cremate the deceased as an alternative to burial, Clerkin Funeral Directors have the facilities necessary to cover all aspects of cremation.

Clerkin Funeral Directors arrange all aspects of grave-digging and burial preparations, from grave opening to removal of the coffin to the burial site.
Clerkin Funeral Directors make all burial arrangements for the deceased, from the opening of the grave, dressing the grave, provision of flowers for the mourners and removal of the coffin to the burial site. To be sure all of the burial arrangements are taken care of in a professional and dignified manner, contact Clerkin Funeral Directors.

Clerkin Funeral Directors are available to arrange every last aspect of the funeral service, from flowers and seating to mass cards and music.
Clerkin Funeral Directors offer comprehensive funeral services, arranging every last detail of the funeral on your behalf.  Clerkin Funeral Directors provide the hearse and limousines, funeral service flowers, funeral service seating, personalised funeral candles, funeral mass booklets and mass cards. Clerking Funeral Directors can also provide black suits and ties, umbrellas and canopies for rainy days, and a range of other funeral services and funeral equipment including water heater and crockery for mourners. Clerkin Funeral Directors provide catering for funeral services.

Clerkin Funeral Directors’ services extend beyond the funeral itself and include the arrangements for obituaries and after funeral care and advice.
Clerkin Funeral Directors offer services relating to the passing of your loved one, such as preparations for radio obituaries and newspaper obituaries. Clerkin Funeral Directors are also available for after funeral care and advice. Clerkin Funeral Directors can also help lighten the load by offering disbursement on your behalf to the clergy, grave diggers, musicians etc.



For comprehensive funeral, burial, cremation and undertaking services, contact Clerkin Funeral Directors

PHONE: 086 359 1307  or 086 661 3068


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