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Claire Russell Therapy 

Integrative Therapist. Person-centred, solution-based therapy, working with Adults, Children & Adolescents.  Providing Counselling, Nutritional Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

Treating: Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Stress (school, work, relationships..), Trauma, Anger,  Low Energy, Weight loss, Eating Disorders, Female health, Post-natal depression, Menopause, GUT Health & Digestive issues, Inflammation, Low mood, Relationship,   Bereavement, Grief, Loss,  OCD & more..


ONLINE  &  In-person Clinics

Newcastlewest,  LIMERICK   and  Youghal, CORK

  • Limerick Clinic    Open   Mon - Thurs
  • East Cork Clinic   Open   Fri -Sat


Decades of extensive and proven experience.  Providing RESULTS


Claire is a warm, highly committed, compassionate practitioner who brings a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy and development based on her background in Nutritional Therapy as well as Cl. Med. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT, EFT, mindfulness practitioner, and Counselling. In her work, she utilises a variety of modalities and techniques as may be required for each individual and their unique presenting background and issue.


Integrative, person-centered,  solution based therapy, with 17+ years of extensive clinical experience, fully registered and accredited clinical background in:

* Mental Health issues
* Emotional health

* Addictions  - Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Food Addictions
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Stress,  work,  school,  relationship, life stresses
* Trauma
* Food issues
* Eating disorders,  Bulimia,  Binge eating etc
* Weight issues  / Diet issues / Weight gain  / Weight Loss
* Confidence issues, Low Self Esteem

* Fears
* Fears & Phobias
* Low mood,  poor energy,  tiredness
* Anger issues
* Sleep issues, insomnia

* Gut health issues inc IBS,

* Inflammatory-related issues

* Autoimmune conditions

* Male health issues

* Female health issues including Menopause

* Addictions Drugs and Self Medication Addiction
*  Smoking cessation
* Addiction Alcohol
* Addictions  -  Sex, Porn etc
* Addictions  - Food, Chocolate, Sugar, Overeating etc etc

Getting to the root cause of the problem. Resolving it, and Restoring you.


Nutritional Therapist
Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist
Adv. Transformational Therapist
Psychotherapy / Counselling
Trauma-Informed & certified
Kids Matters Practitioner TM



*  Newcastlewest, West LIMERICK

*  Youghal, East CORK



Accredited & Registered with the following bodies:-

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland

National Council of Integrative Therapists
International Council of Psychotherapy
Irish Hypnotherapy Register
General Hypnotherapy Register
Royal Society of Medicine
And other governing bodies additionally.


PLEASE  RING or contact Claire directly by text or email, to arrange a suitable time for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss the issue or problem troubling you, and requirements.

Providing a private, safe space to help you in a sensitive, non judgemental, warm and professional approach

Together we get to the root and resolve your issue.

Please contact Claire Russell Therapy to arrange your free call to see how we can restore your health.




Counselling,  Psychotherapy,  Hypnotherapy & Nutritionist

Anxiety Counselling Psychotherapy

Depression Counselling Psychotherapy

OCD Counselling Psychotherapy

Fears & Phobia Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Trauma Counselling Psychotherapy

Grief, Loss & Bereavement Counselling Psychotherapy


Emotional Health Therapy

Counselling, EFT Therapy, Breathwork, Psychotherapy


Nutritional Therapy & Food issues including:

Weight Loss Nutrition, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Eating Disorders Nutrition, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Weight Gain Nutritional Therapy


Physical issues inc

Gut Health issues, Digestive issues,  Menopause, Post-natal depression, Inflammatory related issues.  Autoimmune conditions.  Providing Nutritional therapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Cancer Care Nutrition, Cancer care Counselling, Cancer Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cancer Psychotherapy

INFLAMMATION Nutrition & Therapy,

INFLAMMATORY ISSUES Nutrition and Therapy

AUTOIMMUNE Nutrition & Therapy

GUT HEALTH Issues Nutrition and Gut Health Therapy, DIET, Nutrition,

EATING DISORDER Therapy, WEIGHT LOSS Therapy,  DEPRESSION Therapy, ANXIETY Therapy & more...


Book an Appointment below or contact Claire directly on + 353 (0)87 616 6638 for a free 15min call to discuss how quickly Claire can help you back to feeling great.

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