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We stock everything from Health Supplements to Cbd Coffee/Tea, Balms ,Buds ,Oils ,Gummies ,Vapes. Based in Celbridge Main St ( Across from the Mill ) 


Know the difference between Cacao and Cocoa
The first in Kildare and maybe in Ireland to be offering it from a coffee shop or cafe..Personally it give me a great chilled and relaxed mood and keeps the hunger at bay for a while..

We are now serving Cacao(not cocoa)hot drinks made with a 10g everyday dose which unlike coffee doesn’t give you that coffee dump..

Cacao will give you an uplifted feeling with a little extra calmness and no caffeine dump…its full of antioxidants,magnesium and a load of other essential vitamins and can help to reduce appetite,brain and heart function,mood enhancing,headaches,blood clotting,pms,detox,anti inflammatory…

We are one of the first to start serving this ready made beverages here in Ireland and will be selling the bars also…the cacao is 100% organic and pesticide and chemical free and made in Peru by locals and fermented and dried in the natural sunlight…This is a herbal medicine and in higher doses is great for opening the heart chakra for meditation and yoga.

Lions Mane has been used in ancient Japanese and Chinese medicine for numerous conditions and problems from gut health and digestion to anxiety and depression as well as improving brain function.

Unlike whey protein hemp protein is much easier to digest and not a waste product of making cheese….hemp protein is a complete source of plant based protein. Full amino acid profile. Organic and vegan friendly…this version has added acai berry, acerola cherry P.E. (25% Vitamin C), alfalfa, beetroot, blackcurrant extract, celery seed, also chlorella, cinnamon, dandelion leaf extract, fenugreek, green tea extract, montmorency cherry, parsley piert, spinach and finally spirulina.


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