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Fitzgerald Place, Fermoy has welcomed the newly named dog groomers, Bec's Pets, run by Rebecca Baragry.

Rebecca, who has over 10 years experience with dog grooming, with multiple courses, seminars and certificates to her name, has always wanted to open her own grooming salon, as separating her work life from her home life had become a challenge, so when the pandemic hit, she knew it was time.

Rebecca’s job is much more than just cutting hair and for dog owners, getting your dog groomed every 6-8 weeks can mean avoiding a hefty veterinary bill.  I go through their coat with a fine tooth comb, so if there’s any fleas, ticks, any lumps and bumps, or cuts, I can tell the owner and prevent further problems. If I spot something early on, you won’t have to go to a vet.

Rebecca recommends that long haired breeds get groomed every 6-8 weeks. According to Rebecca, longhaired breeds such as Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terriers and Schnauzers require a grooming every 6-8 weeks, especially if they aren’t regularly brushed at home.

If a dog does get badly matted, they’ll have to be shaved, because you can’t brush that out and it’s very sore on the dog, the hair eventually becomes like a felt and they can get hot spots, sores and rashes.


But if you feel like spoiling your dog, Bec's Pets has some treats in stock too, such as a deep cleanse treatment and even a banana facial, all completely natural and chemical free.  A lot of dogs, when they come in, they don’t like being groomed, but when they leave, they’re a bundle of energy.

Bec's Pets also stock a range of dog accessories such as doggy shampoos and perfumes, leads, collars, bandanas, bows, bowls, toys and treats. It is also one of the few local stores stocking raw dog food for a healthy and nutritious dog diet.

Delighted to say that Bec's Pets in Fermoy are now doing a loyalty club on Burns Dog or Cat Food. You buy 5 bags over the course of however long and you get your 6th bag FREE.
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  • June 3, 2023 11:07 pm local time

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