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AxMen WoodFuels supplies quality firewood, kindling and turf, with delivery service to customers in the Leinster region.

We supply to private households, shops, petrol stations and other fuel merchants. Our products are available in net bags, plastic bags and tonne size bags.

​All our timber comes from sustainable native Irish woodlands. It is cut and split and left to air dry until it reaches a moisture content of 20%, making it ideal for burning on stoves, open fires, biomass boilers and barbecues.​

Get a great deal on our home heating fuels. 
​There’s something very special that emanates from wood burners and fireplaces. It’s an atmosphere of romance, intimacy and comforting warmth that can turn a house into a home. At AxMen WoodFuels we are passionate about being able to provide that special ambiance direct to your door and pride ourselves in achieving this. We are both producers and suppliers of dried firewood and deliver a hassle free service to clients.

We have stood out amongst our competitors for years due to our traditional production methods and gleaming customer service. Our firewood is produced and dried on-site to guarantee the highest levels of quality control.

​We offer the most affordable dried mixed softwoods in Ireland because our dry on-site method costs much less for us than it does for our competitors.

​The benefits of dried wood are considerable:

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Reduced residue and deposits in flues and chimneys
  • Significantly prolongs the life of your burners, boilers and heating systems.

Certified Firewood
All our firewood is FSC Certified from responsibly managed woodlands meaning we can ensure future generations benefit from using wood fuels.

Burning wood logs is the ultimate carbon neutral way to heat your home. It leaves no dirty emissions polluting the environment and is a renewable resource coming from sustainable forests.

​Dried logs leave very little ash which once cooled can be added to your compost bin.

​AxMen WoodFuels Products
AxMen WoodFuels is a Friendly and Reliable supplier of Quality Firewood, Kindling and Turf. We are based in Carbury Co. Kildare.

  • Quick light Kindling
  • Quality Softwood Logs
  • Quality Black Bog Of Allen Turf

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AxMen WoodFuels
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