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The one forgotten area in a home is the hidden space in your attic, with the help and expertise of Attic Floors & Ladders, you can utilize this space for easy convenient storage. This will allow for all those suitcases, boxes, christmas decorations and keepsakes etc., that are scattered throughout your living space, to be put in one area neatly.

We supply and install high quality raised attic flooring, creating a suitable storage solution from the unused area in your home. We use the very best tools and materials to ensure a high quality end result, every time.

Attic Floors and Ladders is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes Scheme


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All attics have cables, pipes and protrusions, therefore, all attic floors will naturally be RAISED.

Attic Floors & Ladders provide a number of different types of raised flooring, STANDARD: 4 inch (100mm) – 6 inch (150ML) – 8 inch (200ml) and NEW BUILD.

Standard raised flooring is commonly used in an attic when all that’s on top of the joist are cables some small protrusions and low grounded pipes. No need to waste money on a raised floor.

Raised flooring is only required when the insulation is High or at the 12 inch (300mm) regulations and if there are excessive high pipes or ties running across the joists. This does not include the pipe work immediately around the Attic water tank.

New Build, for that brand new house where there is high insulation and ducting for the airflow and heat recovery system, this will require a 6 inch, 8 inch or 9 inch floor to raised above them. (POA)

As Attic Floors & Ladders only deal with probably two of the world’s best attic ladder manufacturers, we have a vast range of quality ladders available to us, so we can source and supply and fit the perfect ladder to suit your requirements.


Attic Floors & Ladders specialise in creating space in your attic so there is a maximum storage area. A lot of attics tend to have the water tank in the best possible storage space. This is not a problem as we can move or replace the water tank allowing you to move freely around the storage area.

  • Replacement water tank
  • Steel attic water tanks

Still today many houses have old steel water tanks unfortunately these steel tanks are extremely problematic and are guaranteed to Rust and corrode away causing severe leaks. Most steal tanks do not have lids and are exposed to dust, dirt, insects and in some cases small rodents.

These tanks can be replaced by a modern plastic tank and lid which will alleviate all the problems you have with a steel tank, and if required can be repositioned almost anywhere in the attic area to free space, this will be done by building a strong structure to spread the weight evenly over the required area. All new tanks are wrapped in insulation and the pipework is lagged. The old steal tank can be removed from the attic.

Poorly supported tanks

Poorly supported tanks can also cause problems if it is not on a good base and structure, the tank can distort and damage pipework creating leaks and can also leave the overflow pipe inadequate if it was ever required, and other problems like cracked ceilings, once again this can be rectified by building a strong platform and if required being repositioned almost anywhere else in the attic.

Cleaning tanks

Plastic tanks can be cleaned but this is pointless unless it has a lid, we can clean, supply a lid, wrap a tank and lag pipes.

The correct attic insulation is the most affordable way to keep your home comfortable all year round. Making sure your home’s insulation meets BERs standard 300mm (12inch) by installing or upgrading your attic with a Pink or Knauf Earthwool insulation with a 0.044 rating, these two brands are by far the best attic roll insulation products on the market.


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