Escape the Room - Galway is an immersive experience where a group of people are locked in one of the theme rooms and have to find their way out ...

During these last six years, we have established ourselves as the largest facility providing escape room services in the Connacht region. Our many guests are sure in the knowledge that their joy and satisfaction are always enhanced when they visit Black 11 escape rooms.
To these rooms, we cordially invite you!

Black 11 Escape Room is an immersive experience where a group of people are locked in one of the theme rooms and have to find their way out by solving the mystery… in 60 minutes.

It’s like a computer adventure game – except it’s the real thing!

Don’t be afraid to choose one of ours rooms – or you ask us for a recommendation.

Get your family, friends, teammates, or colleagues and do it! Great fun is guaranteed. No one will be disappointed! Check out our Facebook profile and see hundreds of lucky teams who were able to escape.

Good luck!



Chernobyl, 1986. the bomb under one of Chernobyl's largest nuclear reactors was prepared to stop core melting.

Welcome to the underground bunker abandoned by soldiers and civilians, and the bomb designed to stop a catastrophe. this bomb can now destroy an entire city and contaminate all of Europe. Discover the tips left by its designers!

You have one hour to save the city from disaster.


Sherlock Holmes has challenged everyone who is confident enough to prove themselves. Find out how observant you are, how strong your logical deduction abilities are, and how clear your mind is.

Do you decide to undertake the challenge set out by sherlock holmes?

Are you able to solve it within 60 minutes?


Ever since you could remember, you have been interested in magic. You have explored its most hidden secrets, and when you finally completed your education in magick matter, it turned out that the last element to make you a full-fledged wizard is this – the philosopher’s stone.

However, be warned, it is hard to find, especially when time is limited and this most precious of objects is deeply hidden.

Will you take up the challenge and become the lord of magic?


The one knew that Michael, an elderly gentleman from the neighbourhood was engaged in dark magic. His main passion was summoning demons. One day on the quest to unearth certain details of a local legend he fell pray of one of those entities – he became possessed by the demon. Just before he lost control over his mind and body he managed to call for help so he could escape the room in which he was captured. You have come to the rescue just to find him dying. Right after you entered the eerie room the door has closed shut and extraordinary things started to happen. Just before Michael's last breath, he was able to tell you a secret. Will you use this secret to solve a riddle? Is there enough time for you to open the door before the demon takes over also your body and soul? You have come to the rescue.


Why not warm up for your big night out at Asylroom? Joining forces to escape from the room will strengthen your bond and give you a lot to laugh about on your “last night out”. If you have any ‘crazy suggestions’ or would like to tailor the escape to your party theme, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Are you looking for an unforgettable birthday party for you or your kids? You’re certainly too old for one of those ‘play centres’ – maybe your kid is too! We can help organize the party, and as part of the fun, we can hide the presents – and even the cake – in places they’ll have to think hard to find. In a hi-tech world of screens, tablets and mobiles, leave them behind and challenge those little grey cells.

The original concept for an ice-breaking activity for your employees, your new team – or your old bunch of mates. To solve the riddles your employees have to work as a team. The game provides additional information about the way your employees work with each other and what roles they assume in the group.

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