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Pest Control Company Tipperary

Arrest-A-Pest is a quality pest control company that’s based in county Tipperary. We offer pest control services in Tipperary and pest control services in Kilkenny. We use the very latest in pest eradication techniques. Our modern pest control system employs the use of ultrasonic technology. This non-invasive method emits a high-frequency sound that cannot be heard by humans. Rodents however, are repelled by the sound. This technique is a humane and effective method of ridding a property of rodent pests.

Arrest-A-Pest also employs a range of chemical pest control solutions. Arrest-A-Pest works with their clients and assess each individual job. Ensuring that they offer the right pest control solution for the property and for the type of infestation.

Common Pests We Deal With
Arrest-A-Pest are equipped to deal with a multitude of common pests, that can wreak havoc on a home or business. With our extensive experience and our commitment to treating each client on an individual basis, we’re able to deal with just about any pest control problem; big or small.

Arrest-A-Pest makes their service available to residential customers and commercial properties. Our range of different pest irradiation techniques ensures that Arrest-A-Pest will have the exact right pest control method for your pest problem. No matter what the pest we’ve got the right solution for you.

Rodent control
One of the most common pest control problems encountered in Ireland is an infestation of mice or rats. Rats and mice can cause untold damage to electrical cables, equipment and home furnishings. They are also known to multiple at an exceptionally fast rate. Rats in particular, are known carriers of a range of potentially fatal diseases.

An untreated rodent problem can cause irreparable damage to business’s reputation. Arrest-A-Pest understands the importance of confidentiality in this sensitive area. Our service guarantees all our clients confidentiality and discretion.
Let Arrest-A-Pest take care of your rodent problem. Our expert team of exterminators can assess a rodent infestation and advise on the right pest irradiation solution for your home or business.

Insect Control
In a home or business, insects can be a near constant source of irritation. Wherever food is being prepared, these pests can interfere with the process and create an unhygienic environment. Insects can especially be a problem for restaurants, cafés, catering companies or indeed any business where there is a food preparation element.

Insect pests can be extremely damaging to a business. Insects can spread diseases and create and unseemly, unhygienic work environment. An untreated insect infestation can have serious implications for a business.

Aggressive flying insects such as wasps can pose a serious danger to human health. Vulnerable individuals such as children, the elderly or those recovering from illness can have adverse allergic reactions to wasp stings.

Let Arrest-A-Pest take care of your insect infestation. Our experts can assess your property and employ the right insect control method for you.


20 Prior Park Crescent
Clonmel, Tipperary
Phone: (087) 245 4664


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