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About James P White (M. Clin. Hyp.Psych.)

James is a clinical hypno-psychotherapist, mindfulness educator and international trainer and speaker.

In around 2010 things began to shift drastically for James as he began to analyse his life’s meaning and this was the beginning of some profound changes and self-developments. Returning to education, James began studying and gaining knowledge of how our minds work, all its habits and belief systems, and how experience affects us humans as we navigate our way through all that life can throw at us daily.

James has studied the experts in their fields worldwide in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience and found his own personal transformation so great that he has dedicated his work on passing these understandings and experiences with you in the hope of assisting you to work through, overcome your obstacles leading to a more meaningful fulfilling life. Since beginning his journey James continues to develop and deepen this transformation and understanding.

James’s passion is to educate and equip others, through teaching and working with them, giving them practice, tools and understandings which are logical and show evidence of the power they have to enhance and transform self and those around them with practices.


  • Masters Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP)
  • SIY Certified Teacher
  • Diploma with distinction MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction (CoE)
  • Diploma MBCT (Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy) (OA Guild of Graduates)
  • Post Graduate Level Mindfulness and Weight Loss & Eating Disorders (ICHP)
  • Fetac Level 6 Train the Trainer (FLi Group Cork)

James’s services, teachings and programs are simple yet deeply profound as he guides you with understanding, compassion and humour to a real state of self-awareness with accessible and easy to follow tools, techniques, experiences following mindfulness and emotional intelligence as a base to begin. At the heart of his teachings is the desire to show you how your development of awareness and insight can lead to an inner peace and fulfilment with great sense of contentment, peace and happiness.

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    • Linda Goggin James
      October 22, 2021 at 9:29 am

      James is an amazing clinical hypno-psychotherapist, I have seen first hand
      (over a 6 year span) how Jame’s clients improve mentally with his guidance.
      He’s understandings and experiences with client’s in the hope of assisting them to work through, to overcome their obstacles when dealing with cancer.

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