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Need to get your House Extensions done? We can help you with any type of extending or space saving that you plan to do. We can design and build extra rooms or even convert unused space into guest rooms. Get in touch with us for your free consultation today!

Our Affordable House extensions service:

Regardless of the years that you have lived in your house or when you first moved in, it now seems less spacious than it did years ago. When faced with such a scenario, many homeowners choose to move to a bigger property. However, this will result in additional expenses, a bigger mortgage, and disruption to your family. At our company, we believe that expanding your home through house extensions is the best solution for your family. Our team of experienced builders have handled several extensions on properties across Louth. We will handle all your extension needs regardless of whether you want to extend your home to accommodate the growing needs of your family or you just want to upgrade your interior.

Why choose Us?

House extensions come with a variety of benefits to homeowners. The most evident benefit is the extra living space that your home will have. However, you must work with professionals to help you design your house extensions that will also add value to your property during a house renovation. However, for this to happen, there are different factors that you need to consider as you plan. Usually House extensions will also help to create addition space for your family without the hassle and expense of moving to a bigger house. The cost of a house extension is also more affordable than an expensive mortgage that you will need to acquire in order to move into a bigger house. Home extensions give homeowners the flexibility of designing a space that caters to the needs of your family best and have something that is completely bespoke and personal.

All home Extension Projects Come in Different Sizes

Irrespective of the shape, type or size that your house is, our company has experienced designers who can create a customized design that will perfectly suit your home. Our house extension services will help properties that have limited space. Irrespective of the challenge we face, we will use our creativity and experience to ensure that you have the extra space that you really need.


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