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We create 3D printed models of your designs.

We create 3D printed models for those that don't find 2D plans very revealing, or those who have a design they're proud of. Our physical, displayable models are great for those trying to visualise their design, but also serve as an excellence display piece once the house is built.

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Design and Printing Process

Your plans are re-drawn in 3D modelling software to create 3D Print-ready models. These digital models are then 3D Printed over 40+ hours to turn your plans into physical, displayable objects.

The structure of the house is printed first, then the removable roof and/or the first floor. Then, on furnished model options, the furniture, window & door frames, stone, timber & zinc cladding are then added using glue.

We 2 offer to model sizing options; 1:100 scale and 1:75 scale.
Furnished models are complete with to-scale people, vehicles & trees.

What to Expect

Our 3D Printed Models can be delivered 2 weeks from plans handover. Printing alone takes over 40hours depending on the size.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our models accurately meet their expectations,
on time and on budget.

Clients are invited to take control of the detailing, being able to send us the exact furnishing they’d like to see in their model and we will replicate it.

3D Printers

Ender 3-Pro x2,
Ender 5 Plus

All of our printers can print in a range of sizes and colours to suit your model.

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Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland
087 600 1811

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